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Reemus B

The Masculine & Feminine Energies Video Series

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A video series breaking down the qualities of masculine and feminine energy.


  • The polarity between the masculine and feminine

  • Why gender roles have existed

  • How masculine and feminine energies can be toxic

  • The traits of male-female energy and how they express in everyday life, dating and even in politics

  • The keys to creating healthy balanced relationships

This is the basics that you need to know if you want to have a good grasp of what masculine and feminine energies are. I discuss how it manifests in MANY areas of our lives.

If you've ever wanted to gain a good understanding of the spiritual aspects of The Masculine and Feminine, this is it.



-    Modules: 6 

-    Lessons: 7

-    Course Length: 90 minutes


    Unfortunately, many people have been wrongly convinced that femininity is a weakness and that masculinity is toxic. This is a lie.


    Many of us have been disconnected from our nature, the source of our primal power. The result is a lack of personal fulfilment and chaos in relationships.


    Much joy, peace and control over your life is gained when you balance your spiritual energies. Gain inner confidence, attract healthy partners and begin to build a fulfilling life.