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Reemus B

Divine Discussion (1 x 60 min Consultation Call)

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On this 1:1 Audio or Video Call, I can help you with:

  • Masculine-feminine dynamics

  • Healthy relationship management and dating tips

  • For women: help you tap into your feminine energy and attract a healthy masculine man

  • For men: tips to projecting masculine energy and attracting better quality

It is better to ask/speak about one question/topic only. This allows us to dive deep into the topic, rather than only scratching the surface on too many topics.



  • UK timing.
  • After you purchase, you will be personally contacted within one day so that your appointed time is confirmed [subject to change/rearrangement]

  • DISCLAIMER: No refunds given if you cancel our appointment without giving 24 hours notice.

Calls will usually be done on Zoom, but can also be done via Instagram call/FaceTime/Google Meet


    Unfortunately, many people have been wrongly convinced that femininity is a weakness and that masculinity is toxic. This is a lie.


    Many of us have been disconnected from our nature, the source of our primal power. The result is a lack of personal fulfilment and chaos in relationships.


    Much joy, peace and control over your life is gained when you balance your spiritual energies. Gain inner confidence, attract healthy partners and begin to build a fulfilling life.