The Traits of Male And Female Energy

Male and female signs

In my opinion, one of the biggest mysteries in this society is that our education system believes it is more necessary to teach algebra, rather than the truth about the male and female sex.

Currently in the Western world, there are many daily conversations surrounding the dynamic between the genders. Most people, young and old, love to talk about the what they think makes a male and a female, and how the two should properly interact.

You cannot go on social media without seeing people discuss it. It’s such an important facet of our lives, yet despite this, people rarely do any research on the topic itself.

We can start by acknowledging the fact that there are two energies that are in constant interaction with each other. Many things in nature are expressions of those two energies: the male and the female energy.

Ancient Eastern philosophy has named it: yinyang. And though many people (especially in the West) call it is yin and yang, the correct term is yinyang (without the ‘and’). The two energies are inseparable. There cannot be one without the other, and from a deeper perspective, they can be considered to be one, despite the fact that they have different properties.

The two energies are different, so by nature are complementary. This is why the current psychological war between men and women is founded on lack of sense. Though some women of today may like to say “men ain’t shit” and some men feed into it, they are missing the point that they need one and other other, since we are expressions of nature which benefits from harmony between the two energies.

Yin Yang sign

Many of today’s problems, especially in modern day relationships, come from a lack of awareness of how the two energies are supposed to interact. Nature designed the female body to harness feminine energy, and the male body is designed to express masculine energy.

When the two energies are expressed, specific behaviours manifest. 

When the complementary behaviours are exhibited, the flow between the male and female energy is likely to lead to balance, as well as a sense of fulfilment. 

Though, it is much more complex than that and we’ll go deeper in other articles. But for now, let us get a brief look at some of the principles of the two opposing energies. Side note: try not to view any trait as better or worse than the other, as that is subjective.

The Male Energy:

  1. Known as yang energy; the stable light energy
  2. Sun, day
  3. Hard
  4. Proactive/ action
  5. Expansive
  6. Logical 
  7. Reasoning
  8. Conquest
  9. Lead
  10. Firm, stubborn, rigid
  11. Structure
  12. Competitive
  13. Confident
  14. Direct
  15. Overt
  16. Building
  17. Strong, protection
  18. Responsible
  19. Clarity, order
  20. Results-orientated
  21. Stable
  22. Categorise or compartmentalise 
  23. Construction
  24. Order

The Female Energy:

  1. Known as yin energy; the chaotic dark energy
  2. Moon, night
  3. Soft
  4. Reactive/ Reaction
  5. Contractive or receptive
  6. Emotional, intuitive 
  7. Understanding
  8. Accepting
  9. Follow
  10. Adaptive
  11. Malleable, flexible
  12. Supportive
  13. Sensitive
  14. Indirect
  15. Covert
  16. Nurturing
  17. Vulnerable
  18. Trust
  19. Volatile
  20. Moment-orientated
  21. Flow
  22. Connected
  23. Cultivation
  24. Creative

This list could continue on.

Upon looking at these traits, you may recognise how these traits are naturally expressed through the relevant gender. But you may also say “but not everyone is like that, there are exceptions!”

You would be both wrong and right. These are the principles of the energies, and there is no changing it. Even if a man expresses feminine energy, it is still considered to be feminine energy. 

That’s not to say that a sex can’t express the opposite energy at times. Both genders express both energies at different times, and this is healthy. But the time and intensity with which each energy is expressed is usually different in each gender.

For example, if a man has a mentor, he is supposed to be receptive, which would be an expression of feminine energy. But in this particular article, we are specifically speaking about the general direction of one’s behaviour and not the exceptional moments.

You may also notice that if one gender does not embody the ‘correct’ energy, then imbalance and lack of fulfilment is likely. For example, observe women who operate in the masculine energy when they are in relationships. The relationship is almost certain to be one that is combative and chaotic.

As harsh as this may sound for some, you can predict if a woman is more likely to be a single mother later in life simply by observing which of the energies she likes to express in her relationship.

Unhappy couple

Now you might say, “that’s not true! My friend/mother/sister has masculine energy and she is in a long-term relationship with her man!”. And that might be the case. But usually, her partner is someone who operates in the feminine energy. As each energy naturally seeks out the other.  Like they say, opposites attract.

The two energies are always opposing, and if not, they are sure to butt heads. Dominant, masculine women often pair up with feminine men. This is a result of the energies doing their thing. You can even see the energies pairing up when you observe homosexual relationships. 

You might ask, so “what’s the problem?”, “why can’t a masculine woman get with a feminine man and that’s it?”. Well, that would be no problem, if not for the fact that both parties exist in biological machines that were created for different purposes. As we said before, the male body was designed to exude masculine energy, and the female body was designed to express feminine energy.

Going even further, the male body was designed to seek the feminine body, and vice versa. Meaning that each body is designed to be in harmony when it finds the body which expresses the opposite energy. 

Simply put, that masculine-energy-woman is still ruled by their biology, so most women still find it naturally fulfilling when a man is ‘the man’. But if she is with a feminine-energy man, she’s going to be unsatisfied. For the same reason, the man may be unhappy if he is not allowed to be a man in the spiritual sense, which means to embody ‘masculine energy’.

Also, men may also notice that when they are excessively expressing feminine energy, their woman is likely to become unsatisfied. Women tend to appreciate your expressions of feminine energy when it is done sparingly, much like what the dots in the Yin-Yang sign represent.

For these types of men, you can predict that they are less likely to be able to totally please the women they are with it.

The topic goes much further than this. In future we will cover how these two energies have created differences between men and women biologically, psychologically, socially, historically, and even astrologically.

But again, knowing just this puts you in the 1%, especially as we are living in a time when each sex is being encouraged to embody the opposite energy.