The Spirit of Prostitution, Tricking & Pimps

Cartoon meme of prostitute woman leaning into car of man trick customer

Many men are happy to trade their money for the company of women. They see it as a fair exchange. Not only that, society (media, and both men/ women) encourage them to do so. You may even see people telling men that spending money on women qualifies them as being a real man. 

When asking women out on dates, men have grown up with the idea that they should ask a woman if she will ‘let’ him take her out.


“Will you do me the honour of allowing me to pick you up in my car, take you to a nice restaurant to give you a cool experience where I will proceed to make you laugh more than you make me. And afterwards I will be the one to pay for the pleasure of giving you a cool experience. Will you let me do that?”

Women are all too happy to capitalise and you can’t judge them for it. If someone believes that they should pay for your time without return, why not take what you can get? Any person that can be used, will be used. This is just how it works.

Women quickly begin to understand the value of their pussy. They start to see that men are willing to give time, attention, resources and submit to them, all because of the sexual assets they were born with. They realise that they can offer a certain level of access to their sexual assets to gain a certain level of treatment from men. 

Though a real man does share his resources with his woman and family, men take this overboard, by extending this treatment to women who are not theirs. When a man spends his money and resources on women who are not under his leadership, he is engaging in the spirit of prostitution.

Fat Joe and rapper lil wayne throwing money for strip club culture

The term for a man who pays for the company and affection of women is “a trick”, and the activity of engaging in this behaviour is known as “tricking”. I had first understood this concept through studying the pimp world, which is where pimps and hoes exploit the need for men to give up their financial goods. And credit is given to “Sinful The P” (on YouTube) for breaking down this concept. 

While most women use men for their resources, pimps reverse the game. They do not give a woman their resources just because of her pretty presence. They share their value, on the premise that the woman contributes to the pot. This makes it an even exchange. 

And when the woman adds to the pot (by working under the management and guidance of a pimp), she also gains access to the other resources that a man has. So while people would say “why would she give him her money? That’s unfair!”. What they do not see is that she receives qualities which are worth way more than the pimp gives, within the exchange.

She receives his intelligence, strength, protection, guidance, logic, groundedness, structure, someone to make her accountable and disciplined and more. Though these things are not as visible as the physical money, she is the one who is getting the better of the exchange. The pimp is only getting money.

Once you realise this, you start to see how the average woman is finessing men. They are receiving both the money AND all the other benefits that a man brings, without having to provide equal return. 

In exchange, she only gives sexual access to the man. However, in the grand scheme of things, sex is just momentary pleasure which doesn’t contribute to anything a man is building in his life. In fact, even in sex, the man does most of the work. Really, she is still getting more value than she is giving.

So when the average man breaks up with his woman, he has nothing to show for it, because you can’t take the sex with you. He was giving, giving and giving, whilst his woman was receiving, receiving, receiving. This is down to what we said before: society has encouraged him to spend value and be okay receiving nothing back.

On the other hand, pimps charge the woman for their time as they do not believe that their non-sexual assets are comparable to the sexual assets of the woman. They do not feel that a man spending his money for her time or pussy is an equal exchange, as his time is worth more than her time.

    Pimp meme your lack of cash is disturbing

    How can you access this mentality? Well the pimp does this by killing the desire for pussy that rules most men. So now the value of her pussy pales in comparison to the benefits he is going to give her, and then it only makes sense that she should take the money she makes and give it to him.

    How can this benefit the average man? Well for most men, who think they don’t ‘trick’. He may see that he does ‘trick’ in many other ways. Perhaps he doesn’t trick with  money, but it’s likely he tricks with his intelligence, protection, his masculine company etc. 

    And in order to balance the scales, he must assess whether the return he is receiving from the woman is equal to what he is giving. If it is not, he must balance out the exchange so it’s fair!

    What can a woman take from this? A woman would have to understand that if she wants a high-quality man, then it’s likely that he can’t be controlled by her sexual assets. It will take more than just the basics of vagina to earn the affections of a man who isn’t ruled by his base animal nature.

    She will also have to consciously find other ways to balance the scales so that he is receiving enough value for him to want to stick around. This differs from man to man, so the best way to know how she can do so is to simply ask him, as a man with a plan knows what he requires of his woman.