Political Expressions of Masculine vs Feminine Energy

Trump vs Biden debate - Conservative vs Liberal, Republican vs Democrate, meme opposition

UPDATED: 10/3/22 – “Victimhood vs Accountability”/”Cancel Culture”/”Pronouns”

In previous articles, we have covered the different properties that make up the male and the female energies, with a view to understanding how this affects the dating landscape. However, the interaction of the male energy is prevalent in all areas of our life, including the political arena.

One of the biggest issues of current times is that, on a global scale, the energies are out of balance. There is supposed to be natural harmony between the masculine and the feminine energy. But as the masculine energy is overtly under attack, it is not being allowed to do its job, resulting in the unbalanced expression of the feminine energy.

In this article, we will list how the different properties of each energy manifest into the support for different political ideologies. The two political stances we will use as examples are: 

  • The modern-day Right-wing which is aligned with male energy (e.g Conservatives, including Republicans in the US) and;
  • The modern-day Left (e.g. Labour in the UK, Democrats in the US and general Liberalism) which is aligned with female energy. 

After reading, you will gain a better understanding of the underlying reasons why particular policies are supported by each side.

Liberal vs Conservative: two different mindsets and beliefs from the masculine and feminine energy in politics

Border control:

A property of the male energy is boundaries and it manifests in the establishment of territories. Female energy naturally seeks to dissolve boundaries (especially when not submitted).

This explains why Democrats/Joe Biden prefer to advocate for allowing illegal immigrants into the US, while Texas (Republican state) wants to build walls and toughen up on border security.

Capitalism vs socialism/communism:

Capitalism encourages hierarchy and calls for hard work in order for citizens to thrive. This is an expression of the male energy which manifests as order, authority and accountability.

Feminine energy manifests as vulnerability and supportiveness. This is why liberals gravitate towards socialist policies. This may include providing financial support for those that are less capable, i.e. the homeless, unemployed and so on. They are more likely to call for communism, even if in practice it is observable that it never appears to work.

Gun control

Male energy is direct, proactive and competitive. This manifests in the form of protectiveness and aggression. In America, Republicans gravitate towards less gun control and the right to bear arms. Feminine is indirect and sensitive. Democrats tend to prefer harsher gun control. They may even desire the removal of arms-bearing rights altogether.

Victimhood vs Accountability

One of the traits of the masculine energy is ‘structure’. Accountability requires conforming to mental structure. When someone is a victim of a crime, conservatives are more likely to mention the victim’s contribution to the event and how it could have been avoided. For example, “don’t walk in that area at night, otherwise you put yourself at risk”.

On the other hand, the feminine energy is mouldable and free-flowing. This is why The Feminine doesn’t naturally seek accountability. So for that reason, liberal-minded people seek to tell the perpetrator to ‘not do it’. For example, “we should be able to walk in any area we want. Teach them not to commit the crime!”


An expression of male energy is being responsible for one’s actions, as well as boundaries. This is why pro-life policies are favoured by conservatives. Their ideology is operating on masculine energy. 

Feminine energy is naturally moment-orientated.  When expressed, it seeks to disintegrate accountability and harsh consequences that come from previous choices made. This is why liberals tend to be pro-choice.

Equality of opportunity vs equality of representation:

Male energy manifests as order, structure, hierarchy and competitiveness. Conservatives tend to encourage competition through equality of opportunity and corporate competition.

Whereas liberals are drawn to equality of representation and policies such as affirmative action or establishing “equity”. This is anti-competitive. And it is because the properties of the female energy include: connectedness, supportiveness and being non-confrontational.


For the same reasons above, liberals gravitate towards fighting for the inclusion of different demographics. This comes from the lack of boundaries and compartmentalisation of the feminine energy. This is especially the case for demographic groups which they view as ‘oppressed’. 

It explains why campaigns such as LGBT, BLM and feminism are fuelled by liberals and why Democrats/Labour push for Critical Race Theory. 

They see this as a fight for inclusion. Conservative-minded individuals push for patriotism. They are less likely to view any specific groups as “oppressed” if they live in a free society.

Coronavirus mandates:

Properties of the feminine are vulnerability and surrender. Masculine energy represents domination and hardness. Where the feminine sees safety and protection, it will surrender control.

Despite the fact that liberals complain the most about the government, they are also the group most likely to conform to mask/vaccination mandates. This is because they value being given the opportunity to feel protected, if the authority vows to ease them of their fears.

Cancel culture & free speech

 In recent years, ‘cancel culture’ has been on the rise. Celebrities and common folk are at risk of being socially excluded if they say things that are politically incorrect.

One trait of the feminine energy is sensitivity. And as the Western culture is taking on this energy more, people are becoming more sensitive to hearing things that hurt their feelings. 

It is more often the case that you see liberals ‘cancelling’ people who offend them. Meanwhile, conservatives appear more likely to defend free speech, even where it goes against their beliefs. 

Gender theory and pronouns

For many of the above reasons, liberalism encourages people to ‘announce their pronouns’ in order to make the other person aware of the gender they identify as. If they are ‘misgendered’ (if their gender is incorrectly assumed), there is a risk of offending them.

Again, this is because the feminine energy is sensitive. In addition, liberals believing that gender is fluid and changeable is aligned with the feminine energy’s properties, which is: free-flowing and mouldable. 

Conservative-minded people are generally adamant that sex is linked to gender. They show a belief that you cannot change your gender, even if the person goes through hormone therapy and physical operations. They also tend to believe that gender is not dependent or based on one’s feelings.


Democrat vs Republican: as Liberals force their beliefs on conservatives

When broken down, you can see that The Left and The Right are exactly polar opposites in the same way that the male and female energy are opposites. There is nothing wrong with that, and in fact, this creates balance. The problem comes when a society decides to excessively take on the attributes of one stance, by indoctrinating it’s citizens through the education system and media bias.  

The biggest takeaway is that politics mimics the interaction of the masculine and feminine energy. Right now, the imbalance is heavily favoured by the feminine energy. But the problem is that feminine energy seeks to dissolve boundaries, and when this is done, chaos is sure to follow, much like in a relationship.

This is why ideologies are going so far that they are now becoming delusional. For example, genders and ethnicities can be ‘changed’, subjects such as maths are deemed as racist, cancel culture is increasing, words linked to logic are now banned (such as ‘breastfeeding’ in place of ‘chest-feeding’ to accommodate transgenders), and the list can continue. 

The feminine energy is doing exactly what it is supposed to. This is natural and expected. It’s supposed to keep pushing the boundaries as that’s how it finds the boundary. It’s the masculine energy which is not doing it’s job. Expect it to keep getting worse until the male energy appropriately submits the feminine and enforces boundaries.